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The magic of symbiosis: people and nature in dialogue

I am an absolute nature freak! The power and beauty of untouched nature fascinates and inspires me. My art shows that in nature everything flows into one another, nothing exists on its own. Nature does not need humans, but humans need nature to survive, so we must care for it, protect it and rediscover how we can be a part of it. 


The Anthropocene era has brought us to a critical point,where the fragile balance of the biosphere is shaking and thus threatening our existence. Humans have changed the world negatively to a great extent and alienated themselves from their essential connection to nature. My art should encourage people to rebuild a symbiotic relationship with nature. 


My works show an exciting duality of abstract, pulsating energies as well as meticulously crafted, almost photorealistic paintings. This tension creates energy, the works radiate into the entire room. The elements flow cleverly into one another, everything is harmoniously intertwined, just like in nature. My art does not show reality, but a vision: a utopian concept in which humans and nature merge completely.


Conservation through art:

A graphic designer's transformative journey to becoming an ambassador for nature

Outdoor Erlebnis, Bergtour

The artistic legacy of a talented father in Germany gave rise to a passionate graphic designer with an insatiable love for art. The roots lie in Hanover, but when Switzerland called with its majestic mountains and clear lakes in 2005, it not only became a new home, but a muse. The phenomenal landscape lit a fire, a mission: to reconnect people with nature through art. 

2020, a year of global stagnation caused by the Corona pandemic, paradoxically became a catalyst for a creative restart. In this standstill, an unmistakable style emerged, an interplay of digital precision and spontaneous acrylic, which creates strong energies that go far beyond the canvas. The painting technique is unique, the canvas and brushes are digital, the works are hand painted from the first stroke and then printed on gallery quality canvas. The finish with acrylic paints and structural pastes creates exciting structures and allows digital and traditional painting to inseparably merge.

The works gain enormous power from the powerful, expressive portraits that convey strong emotions and silently conquer the rooms.

With international recognition and already five successful solo exhibitions, in which many works found a new home, the journey is still in its early stages. An artistic adventure that celebrates the power of nature, emotion and creativity in every brush stroke.


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